Tuesday, 25.04.2017 - Nicosia

Discussion: Good Governance and the Impact of the Economic and Financial Crises in Cyprus

As part of a closed discussion event, leading experts will discuss the European Union's potential for societal reforms in the context of the economic and financial crises.

The impact of the economic and financial crises in the south and the Turkish austerity policy in the north have let to dramactic social, economic and political changes. In the two adminsistrations in Cyprus much is lacking in terms of good governance though many of the reforms officially aim at the improvement of good governance on both sides of the divide.

The closed workshop with leading experts aims to analyse the state of affairs with regard to good governance and the impact of the economic and financial crises in both parts of the island. The workshop aims to develop ideas and suggestions for reforms and changes in both parts of the island that can be initiated by stake holders and civil society.

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