Friday, 30.11.2018 - Sunday, 02.12.2018 - Paphos

Conference: Cyprus Solution - A European Challenge

In cooperation with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Cypriots' Voice, a bi-communal initiative, organized a conference to reflect on the current situation in the Cyprus negotiations, how the stalled talks are related to European politics and policy and to formulate policy recommendations. Another focus was placed on the role of education, commemorative culture as well as the work of NGOs and their influence on multicultural cohabitation.


• The prospects for a negotiated settlement to the Cyprus problem (Zenon Stavrinides)
• Cyprus solution – a challenge for EU (Takis Hadjigeorgiou)
• Cyprus solution a challenge for Greek Cypriots (Michalis Papapetrou) 
• The economics in the north of an anticipated European solution process (Ali Erel) 
• Cyprus solution and the venue to EU – a challenge for Turkey (Nikolas Stelgias) 
• Bridging the communal divide through NGO work (Costa Constanti) 
• Co existence in divided municipality (Mehmet Harmanci) 
• Refreshing Cypriot memories by visiting restored monuments (Themos Demetriou) • EURO-Elections and Turkish Cypriots (Murat Kanatli) 
• In search of a transformative education in our troubled age: Prospects of transformation in the right wing populist era (Bilge Azgin) 
• Hidden curriculum in the GC education system (Christina Valanidou) 
• Community media, youth participation and conflict transformation in Cyprus (Derya Yuksek) 
• Conscientious objection and other human right cases in north Cyprus (Oncel Polili)

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