Thursday, 12.11.2020 - Online

Launch: A Systemic Analysis of the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Refugees, Migrants and Asylum Seekers in Cyprus: Part I - An Overview

The COVID-19 pandemic hit Cyprus hard. As it was the case in other countries, vulnerable groups like the Refugees, Migrants and Asylums-seekers (RMAs) were by far more negatively affected than others.

In cooperation with the young NGO Project Phoenix, which seeks to empower RMAs, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung conducts a report series, analysing the consequences of the COVID-19 Crisis on RMAs in Cyprus.


Photo: © Wikimedia Commons

The goal of this series is to raise awareness for the problematic conditions RMA’s are facing and to make policy recommendations to improve their situation.

As the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Cyprus and the Project Phoenix organise the upcoming event in strict accordance to the recent measures to fight COVID-19, it is accessible online only for the public. Livestreams will be available on our Facebook Page and in the new <link media _blank external-link>media section of our website. It will be possible to raise questions via Facebook.



17:00 – 17:05: Welcome Speech

Hubert Faustmann - Director FES Cyprus


17:05 – 17:30: Presentation of Findings from Part I - An Overview

Sarah Morsheimer and Hrishabh Sandilya - Researchers at Project Phoenix


17:30 – 17:45: Interim Findings from Part II - The COVID-19 Survey

Kyriaki Chatzipanagiotou - Researcher at Project Phoenix


17:45 – 19:00: Panel Discussion and Q&A

Multiple perspectives on ameliorating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on those on the margins in Cyprus

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