New Podcast episode of "Beyond the Divide" is out!

The "FES Cyprus Podcast - Beyond the Divide" has a new episode on "Leveraging the Energy Factor to Support Peacemaking in Cyprus". Check it out! We wish you a pleasant hearing experience.


A new Podcast episode of "Beyond the Divide" is out!


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In this edition of the "FES Cyprus Podcast - Beyond the Divide", Professor Hubert Faustmann, the director of the office, is joined by Professor Ahmet Sözen from Diplomeds and Laury Haytayan, the Director of the Middle East and North Africa Department at the Natural Resource Governance Institute.

They delve into a discussion regarding the exploration of natural gas reserves in Cyprus, which has opened up new opportunities for cooperation in the conflict. Based on his chapter in Diplomeds' policy study titled "Conflict Resolution in the Mediterranean: Energy as a Potential Game-Changer", Sözen proposes fresh perspectives and policy recommendations to break the current deadlock.

Furthermore, Haytayan explains how the agreement between Israel and Lebanon was achieved and examines whether it could serve as a model to promote cooperation, inclusivity, and, ultimately, peace in the region, with a specific focus on Cyprus.

This informative podcast is now available on our Website and major platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts. We invite you to gain insights into the political landscape of Cyprus and wish you a pleasant listening experience.

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