Good Governance

Good Governance and the Strengthening of Civil Society

Until the financial and economic crises hit Cyprus, the implementation of necessary political, social and economic reforms have been hindered by the omnipresence of the Cyprus Problem. Thus, in the coming years the FES will place a new focus on the promotion of good governance and democratic practices. By strengthening civil society, wider debates on social and constitutional reforms can be initiated.

Although Cyprus is a pluralistic society, the political parties’ dominance and its negative side effects on Cypriot society are widespread. The consequences of this phenomenon are visible in a growing frustration vis-à-vis the political elite and voter fatigue amongst the population on both sides of the divide. In order to improve the situation in Cyprus, EU expertise is provided and an open public debate is encouraged.

At the same time, it is important to strengthen those civil society forces, which actively campaign for social, political and economic reforms. Thus, the activities of the FES focus on the promotion of good governance and the support of civil society actors.

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